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C​elebrating the 100th Day of School!!!

Students and staff were welcomed with a HUGE 100th Day Banner to help honor our time together and further immerse themselves into the hallways of learning!

Bus Appreciation

Popcorn Studies

Mrs. Coltrain's class has recently been studying about grains and in particular "Popcorn"! They completed a book study on "Popcorn Country: The Story of America's Favorite Snack". In collaboration with Mr. Daniel Spruill, the class learned about 3 corn crops. The students will soon be taking a field trip to his farm to learn more about the grainery and the harvesting of corn. We are grateful for our community supporters.


The first graders had a great afternoon of roping practice and feeding cows. Having just finished reading a story about cowboys and a science unit on cows, they really enjoyed this hands-on learning experience (you can see it in those smiling faces!). Thanks to Mr. David & Mrs. Constance Davenport for being so willing to volunteer their time and bovine friends.

PIC Open House 


August 22, 2019