****During Phase 2 of COVID-19, All students will have a temperature and wellness check upon arrival in the carpool line as well as before getting on the school bus.  All students will wear masks while on the bus.  Masks will be available for riders if they do not have one themselves.****


Students with bus option will be assigned to the appropriate bus and depot location upon enrollment. 


Bus routes consist of depot stops strategically placed at safe locations where students enrolled at the school are concentrated and will serve students from our three county region.


Bus Depot Locations                  

BUS #1            


Plymouth                           7:00 a.m.              3:45 p.m.                

Roses Parking Lot

Town Center 368, US-64

Plymouth, NC 27962


Roper                                 7:15 a.m.              3:30 p.m.               

Parking lot Behind Dollar General

7102 NC-32

Roper, NC 27970


BUS #2 

Skinnersville                    6:55 a.m.              3:55 p.m.             

Skinnersville Community Building      

16771 NC-32

Roper NC 27970


Columbia                          7:25 a.m.              3:25 p.m.                 

301 Scuppernong Drive

Columbia, NC 27925

Rest Stop Parking lot


Bus Arrives at:

Roper - 12:30pm

Plymouth - 12:45pm

Columbia - 12:25pm

Skinnersville - 12:55pm



Drop-off for students is from 7:45 a.m. - 7:55 a.m.


Car riders will enter the parking lot on the western side (left side facing the school) of the parking lot, circle in front of the building to the entrance, then exit on the east beside Veterans Fields.


Pick-up is from 3:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. 

Buses will also utilize the same entrance and exit points, however only the buses are allowed to circle behind the building to the eastern side of the building to the side entrance for drop-off.

It is the goal of Pocosin Innovative Charter to ensure that all students arrive safely to and from school. If you plan to drop off and pick up your child from school, please be mindful of the following protocol so our staff can ensure a swift and safe carpool line.

  • Enter the carpool line from entrance closest to East Main Street. 

  • Exit the carpool line from exit closest to Saint David Road.

  • The carpool line for PICK-UP ONLY will wrap around the school building.

  • Display carpool tag (with student grade level and name) on driver side sun visor using binder clips provided. You may also place carpool tag in windshield, if necessary.

  • If you have multiple students, please display the carpool tag for each student.

  • You must have your carpool tag in the vehicle to pick up your child. If the carpool tag is not available, you will need to park, enter the building, and check your child out in the office.